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3 Must-Go-to restaurants in Leiden

Let’s face it: choosing where to go to grab a bite might be difficult, especially if you are new to Leiden.

Hence, here there’s the ultimate guide of the 3 best restaurants where to eat in Leiden. The criteria are simple: good food, affordable price and good atmosphere. Let’s get started!

Wokalicious Leiden


Let’s begin with a classic, the best treat after a day in the library. Wokalicious is the place in Leiden for woks of every kind. The dining room is quite small but the wooden furniture makes it really cosy. The wok selection is wide, from the usual pad-thai to the spicy ones. They also serve salads, but you do not go to Wokalicious for anything else but a Wok. Pricewise, it is between 6,50 and 8,50 euros per wok. Often though, you can find good deals on Social Deal.

Haarlemmerstraat 31, 2312 DJ Leiden

Vina’s Noodles

Vina’s Noodles

Still on the East, now it’s the time for some good Vietnamese. The location is literally stunning. The light bulbs coming down from the ceiling add a personal touch to the whole atmosphere. Food is great, my top- one being for sure Beef Pho. And please do not forget to order a smoothie, they are bloody delicious. The price is a bit higher, roughly around 10-15 euros but truly worth the money.

Steenstraat 8, 2312 BW Leiden

Pizzeria Sorrento


Last but not least, the kids’ favourite: Italian pizza. Sorrento’s interiors literally scream Welcome to Italy. The walls are full of Italian newspapers and, most importantly, the world cup figurines. In other words, a very Italian atmosphere. The prices are okay to be in Leiden (7 euro for a Margherita) and the pizza is actually really good- apart from the Hawaiian one!-. My old time favourite is Bufala but the choice is pretty wide. Do not go if you are not a fan the thin crust!

Watersteeg 2, 2311 HZ Leiden


What’s your top 3?

One comment on “3 Must-Go-to restaurants in Leiden

  1. Sara Bettinelli
    April 1, 2019

    Wokalicious is a life-saving option during exams week! It is closed for renovation these days, I can’t wait for it to open again !

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