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Are you interested in one of the English-taught degrees at Leiden University? You may want to gain an idea about academic topics in your area of interest.

Are you already a student? You may be looking for inspiration for an essay topic, read up on an interesting issue discussed in class or broaden your knowledge in unknown areas.

How to get this knowledge fast, fun and easy way? By reading a blog.

Writing a blog post is a great way to provide information in a concise and nice way to a broad range of public. In fact, academics increasingly blog about ideas and their latest findings. Their Golden Rule: Assume your reader to be completely new to the topic. At Leiden University, this trend does not only become visible in class where academic blogs regularly replace essay assignments but also in the variety of university blogs written by students and academic staff.

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Curious? Here are some of the most active blogs of Leiden University academics.

Leiden Psychology Blog

Why is it so hard to stick to our new years resolutions? Why is doing the right thing so annoying to others? Can shyness run in families? Read on here.

Leiden Anthropology Blog

What are the impacts of Street Photography? How does a Digital Detox feel like? Is humor a threat to society? Read on here.

Leiden Arts in Society Blog

Christmas Music in the Netherlands? How has literature taught us not to always strive for happiness? How does the parent motif enhance political self-representation? Read on here.

Leiden Law Blog

Why should non-human animals be included in our moral circle? What may be the status of UK citizens after Brexit? A new EU law on single-use plastic? Read on here.

Digital Scholarship @Leiden

What may be some social media strategies for academics? What are the implication of “Open Access”? Using metadata machines to find and use relevant data for your research? Read on here.

Bachelor International Studies Blog 

What is Sovereignism? Why may Dutch students not want to live with internationals? What does multidisciplinarity mean with regard to international studies? Read on here.

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