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Websites You Need to Know (And Probably Don’t)

Interested in the local news? Want to learn more about the culture and the people in the Netherlands? Or perhaps you’re just looking for something nice to do next weekend? Either way, I composed this list of must-know websites that’ll help you make the most of your time in Leiden (and in the Netherlands in general). Enjoy!

Dutch Review

This awesome magazine is aimed at expats in the Netherlands, and you can find great articles here. From news coverings to culture tips to event recommendations, you can find it all. The writers are a mix of Dutch and international, but the magazine is exclusively in English, and they have some great articles that are easy and fun to read.

In de buurt (Leiden)

This magazine is aimed at discovering your city, and you can (and need to) choose a city on the main screen. The problem with this website is that it’s in Dutch, so if you want to be able to read it you’ll have to right-click and let google translate that for you (unless you already managed to learn Dutch, in that case- good job!).

What’s nice about Indebuurt is that it gives you very specific (and useful) information. You can read about local sales or discounts, something you probably see anywhere else. Also, because it’s not aimed at internationals it has the advantage of showing you a bit of the culture.

Among the sections, you can find “To Do”, “Eat & Drink” and “Shop”, for various recommendations and articles.

Leiden Key to Discovery

I am quite fond of this website, even though it has limited usefulness, to be honest. What’s nice is that you can look at the event calendar (Uitagenda, top right of the home screen) and discover all that is happening in Leiden.

There are also recommendations for best spots in the city, restaurants, museum and such, but really the highlight of this website is the event calendar.

Leiden University

You can’t write about websites in Leiden without mentioning the university’s website, so here it is. To be honest, I don’t find myself using this website so much, but when I do it’s for three main reasons:

Check out lectures and events– there are always things happening, for those interested in the more intellectual gatherings. Under “Events” you can discover lectures, exhibitions, and conferences, many of which are in English.

Check out whether there are any interesting workshops in Plexus’ career service– if you choose “students” on the top of the home screen, you can then go to “Internship, career & work” in the menu that opens on the left side. The career student service in Plexus offers a variety of workshops, which are mostly free and can help you either gain a new skill or progress in your career orientation.

Snoop on my lecturers and tutors (admit it, we’ve all been there)


~Find something that’s missing and you think should be added? Let me know! I would love to see your opinion and recommendation~

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