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Affordable student life pt.1: Work

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Students are, by definition, broke, maybe because they are paying for their studies or because they are trying to save money for the next festival or travel. Moving to the Netherlands can seem very scary for someone, but you really shouldn’t be afraid as students are also resourceful, and your peers are here, ready to share their knowledge on the most effective way to solve the money problem: work.

In many countries is very hard to work while being a student. Thankfully, this is not the case for the Netherlands, especially in Leiden! Everybody is a student and everybody needs to work so employers won’t ask you crazy amounts of hours of availability. Also, wages in the Netherlands are usually quite high if compared to other countries.

Here some options you could find useful, especially if you don’t speak Dutch

  1. Undutchables

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The Netherlands has a lot of expats, sadly Dutch is not the easiest language to learn. Don’t worry though: if you are looking for a serious part-time or full-time job  comes to your help. This online employment agency will help you find jobs that don’t require to know the language.

2.  Babysitting

As I was saying, the Netherlands is full of expats and many of them are looking for babysitters that can also speak to their children in their mother language. This is a great option if you want to raise some money but you don’t have time for a part-time job. You will find offers for occasional babysitting or for more regular commitments, and it will be completely up to you. What definitely worked for me was to use the Leiden Babysitting Facebook Group and the Oppassen website. In both cases, it was quite easy to come in contact with parents in search of a babysitter and I found small jobs pretty soon.

3. Restaurant and pubs

Leiden is full of restaurants and pubs that hire internationals that don’t know Dutch!

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As they often employ students, they are usually ok with asking for a 2 days a week availability that can be easily fitted into your schedule. My advice would be to go ask restaurants with typical food from your country, where it is easier you will find other expats.

4. The University

CatturaFollow all the University social media accounts! The University often offers small jobs totally doable for students and that will generally look very good on your CV. Especially during open days or events, extra hands are always needed! I also advise you to ask the International Students Adviser, they often have amazing bits of advice that match your professional profile.  In general, it’s really a matter of keeping your eyes open as in every faculty there are specific possibilities.

p.s remember that in order to have a job or internship within the university it may be necessary to have Dutch health insurance. They are quite expensive but don’t worry, the Dutch government has an allowance for you that will give you back almost the entire sum.

Do you think this guide was useful? Next time we will talk about all the tips and tricks to save money in Leiden! Here the next two chapters of the guide Affordable student life pt.2 – Cheap purchases; Affordable student life pt. 3 – Allowances


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