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Easter Trip – Part 2: Naples

Following the first part of this blog series on Part 1: Rome I am continuing my Easter trip insights with Naples.

For sure not as touristic as Rome, you feel the Mediterranean vibe a lot more in Naples giving you a better window into Italian life. It is easily accessible from Rome with many bus options taking only 2.5 to 3 hours.


The City

There are many nice spots in Naples you might visit. As you can easily google these, I wont spend time on them and rather give you other insights.

In the end, we regretted allocating most of the trip to Rome. Apart from the city itself, Naples have many close-by destinations around worth to see.

An interesting spot can be hiking towards to Vesuvio volcanic mountain which is pretty close to the city.

Probably the best part about Naples is the three coastal islands, Capri, Ischia and Procida, all of which is incredibly beautiful and only a single ferry ride away. Capri is by far the most popular one, which made us avoid it as we wanted to have a more relax visit. In the end we chose Procida, which I will be telling about in the third part.

Another option can be going to Sorrento by train with only couples of hours ride. Even though we havent been there the pictures look as nice as any of the islands and might be a better option to avoid expensive ferry prices.

In the city, after strolling around cute narrow streets, going to sea side, especially the area called Chiaia and have a lazy afternoon there laying under the sun with the magnificent view of Vesuvio became our favorite activity. There were also many street markets in several spots of the city where you can try delicious treats.


Where to eat?

Gino e Toto Sorbillo


The most famous pizzeria in the city, is on top of every list you may find online. This fame brings long ques too, of course. However, a wait of 20 minutes for the opening hour was enough to get us in and the service is super fast so I would say it is totally worth it. Pizza prices are quite cheap, but beware of the service price. Therefore, it is a must go.





Spiedo d’Oro Snc di Manzo Mariae

A place you will not find on any lists whatsoever. It is a tiny local restaurant which was suggested by a local. Do not expected anything fancy, basically anything but good food for ridiculous prices. Try spaghetti Genovese or the mussel soup if it is Thursday.





‘A Figlia d’ ‘a Maruzzara

We ended up here because no other place in the area was open at 17.30 but we are glad we did! The seafood was perfect, especially try fried fish and mussels if you go with cutest plates ever.








Student area  

Same as any city on earth, the University area is the best place to get drinks for the cheapest prices. Enjoy your aperols on a park together with locals.


Have you already been to Naples? What was your choice? Let me know in the comments!




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