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A Dutch Treasure: Keukenhof

What is more Dutch than tulips of countless kind and colour? Its history dating back to the 15th century as the garden of Keukenhof Castle, Keukenhof has been hosting the best tulip bulbs since 1950, celebrating its 70th birthday this year.


The Park

It is… incredible. I have no words to describe how impressive it is. I have already become addicted to flowers in the Saturday market since I came to the Netherlands. So Keukenhof is beyond my dreams. I didn’t know there were so many kinds of tulips and so many different colours, even shades.

What mesmerizes the most is the combinations. Different kinds of flowers are designed such a way to emphasise each other’s colours and shape. The whole park is a big Boquete of flowers, tulips mostly of course. Even after spending hours in the park and getting used to the beauty of flowers, another spectacular corner can take your breath away. Of course, the park itself also has a role in this impression, with its gorgeous nature filled with mini lakes, rivers and many old trees.


Beautiful nature of Keukenhof garden (courtesy of SEA)

It was really crowded; it is probably one of the most international spots in the country with countless languages I have heard. There is also a mini-festival area in the middle of the garden where you can chill with live music and have drinks or food from little trucks. There are also points where you can have lunch or coffee and the queues were not as bad as I expected.

You can also get information about tulips, how they were started to grow in the Netherlands (did you know they actually originate from Turkey? 😉) or the first financial bubble of the history; tulipomania, in the information points in the park.

Every year they have a theme and this year it is flower power, reminding of 70s vibes with ‘bright colours, hippies, peace & music’ as they said.





How to get there

It is quite easy to get to Keukenhof, there is a direct bus from Leiden Centraal, numbered 854.  Ticket price for adults for the garden is 17 EURs but you can find combined tickets in the station for both the entry and the transportation.

You can find more information on and buy your tickets from

However, be aware that it is open from 21 March to 19 May. So, it is closing soon, and you need to plan it within next 10 days. But it is a perfect day trip and can be a nice activity to do with friends or family.


Have you already been to Keukenhof? Were you as amazed as me? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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