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44.4 Km for The 444th Anniversary

Leiden University is celebrating its 444th anniversary this year. Having a glorious history, Leiden University arranges many events to honour its symbolic year turn.


Among others, there will be a huge bicycle tour organised on May 11 between the Leiden Campus and the Campus the Hague. It is not surprising though in a country in which there exist more bikes than people that one of the symbolic events will be a bicycle tour!



Everyone can participate in this bicycle tour and enjoy the wonderful countryside views of the province of South Holland, which I think the most beautiful in all the Netherlands. The tulips have not been harvested yet. I hope everybody will have the opportunity to cycle along gorgeous tulip fields.


There will be two starting point, one being in Leiden University Sport Centre in Leiden and the other one being the Leiden University College in the Hague. So that means there will be two groups of bicyclists in the meantime. Either of them is going to start at 10.00 am. Bring your bike along with enough water and supply!

Wouldn’t it be great to cycle along such canals?


Participation is not limited to the students. Everyone from the age 8 to 188 may well take place in this symbolic event. There was a prescribed registration period but no worries even if you have not, you will still be welcomed to join among the cyclists.


You can find further information on the website here.

Jump on your bike and be a part of this experience! The Leidener will also be there and sharing experience afterward! Cheers!

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