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How to get Cheap Deals? Top 4 Apps

As a student, who is by definition constantly broke, finding cheap deals is the gate to enjoy an event or a dinner out in an affordable way. Today I would like to share my top 4 apps (3apps and 1 website, more accurately) to have cheap deals.


  1. Knaek

It is an exclusive student app where you need to register with your university e-mail. You receive an ID number you need to log in to the app. Then, depending on the location you choose, it shows you the deals you can use in various places; from cafes to bike repair shops. Even if you select Leiden, later on, the list you can see the results from the Hague too.

You normally need to pay 20 EUR for registration but right now it is 5 EUR. Or you can do as I did, wait for an opportunity to register for free. I got mine in exchange for filling out an online survey.


  1. SocialDeal

This might be my favourite. Even though it has many different options, from spa days to hotel stays and entertainment parks, I usually use it for last minute dinners. Even the nicest restaurants in the town from time to town add deals here where you can have 3 or 4-course dinners for half price. What this app did to me is that for certain places I wait for there to be a deal here and not going there without it.





  1. Ticketswap

Are you looking for tickets to an event whose tickets on the official website is sold out? If you have tickets to an event you can’t attend any more? This is the perfect app. Users sell tickets usually for cheaper prices than the original. Concerts, games, viewing parties; it became the app I check even before checking the original website.

You can set notifications up in case of tickets become available for a certain event. But you have to be quick once you get the notification, people are so fast!




  1. Actievandedag

This one is not an app but a regular website where you can find deals again for hotel stays or one-way NS ticket deals as well as other stuff like a bike seat or heads for your electric toothbrush. I am registered for the e-mail newsletter, so I don’t even check the website but only open it when I am interested in a particular deal.


Are you using these apps? What are the other ones you use? Share in the comments!



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