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Good weather is finally here!

Unfortunately, Dutch weather is not the greatest. However, the sun is finally out and it is warm enough to go to the beach! Yes, it’s that time of the year again!

I know most people reading this lives in Leiden, but the train trip to Den Haag HS is only 12 minutes. From there, take tram 11, and it directly takes you to Scheveningen. Another option that you might have, is taking the train to Den Haag Centraal, travel with tram 9, which also stops at Scheveningen.

Once you arrive, you will see MANY people enjoying the sun on their blankets with their family. If that doesn’t seem enough, there are fake palm trees planted in the grass, which for me personally, was a Hawaiian vibe.








So if you are like me, summer means slushies and ice creams. Lucky for you, they have both, since the weather is hot enough, most shops are now open. Not only that, but the outdoor restaurants next to the beach are all open as well, though their prices are not very student friendly. I went with a friend, whom I shared some nachos with, which was totally worth it.

Enjoying a walk alongside the sea and watching people building sand castles are fun and everything, but there is also a possibility to look at the scenery. De Pier is perfect for this. You can walk up on the stairs and be blown away by the most amazing sight ever.

Maybe you are looking for an adventure on the beach. They got you covered! There is a Ferris wheel that is waiting for you to try out, I have never been on it, but I heard great reviews. If you crave even more, there is a zipline on De Pier, above the sea and sand! It is not extremely long, nor extremely high up from the ground, but you do get the thrill from it.

I hope this was a helpful overview on the possibilities in Scheveningen. If you go, take a lot of pictures and let me know how it went. If you already been to the beach, feel free to comment on your experience and suggestions!



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