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Hidden Copenhagen: the Local’s Guide- Part 1 (Food)

What’s best about having family that lives abroad? Well- visiting them, of course! But what’s even better is getting all the insider tips, making your trip truly special. In this short series, I’m going to share some with you, so that your visit to Copenhagen will be amazing as well!

A short 1-hour flight away lies a true gem of a city- Copenhagen. For only 100€ you can find yourself in a trendy, modern city, a true food hub, and home to friendly, happy people. But the real question is, why Copenhagen?

In this series I will shortly introduce my answers to that question, which are:

  1. The food
  2. The art
  3. The sights
  4. The beer
  5. The culture

The food

There is no doubt that when it comes to food culture, Copenhagen is at the top of the list. It’s truly difficult to find bad food here, and you have to be quite unlucky (or determined). For students, the only problem is that Denmark is quite expensive, and that very much applies to the food. You can still enjoy some of the food, without having to empty your bank account.

Torvehallerne Copenhagen

The food from PALÆO

A partly indoor food market where you can enjoy basically every type of food. Especially recommended is Smørrebrød, the traditional Scandinavian open-bread sandwich. Another popular stand is Sanchez, where you can buy the famous tacos. We chose to go for the healthy option and went for the food from PALÆO. Honestly, we may have made a wrong call, since the other places had much cooler food.

Meyers Bageri

A great recommendation from my uncles. We were scavenging for the famous Danish, the cinnamon pastry, unwilling to go back to the Netherlands until we’ve tried it. They sent us to this nice bakery, only three doors down from the famous Hart Bagery, with an important piece of advice- order the kanelsnurrer, not the kanelsnegle. Trust me, this IS an important (although hard to pronounce) difference.








Green Island of Copenhagen

We found this amazing café-bar while walking along the water, and immediately decided to try it. We set down and enjoyed a great coffee while admiring the beautiful view. I can imagine that in summer this place is exploding with people, especially considering how good the cocktail menu looked.

How can you ignore this place?

Hart Bagery

This small bakery is a true mecca, known worldwide for its bread. You can recognize the place by the line of people standing at the entrance during most day of the week. Personally, the bread (although very good) is not to my taste, but it’s still not a place to miss out on. Maybe try one of the incredible pastries instead 😊

Siciliansk Is

Are you ready for some AMAZING ice-cream? You wouldn’t expect it from this tiny shop, but you will be mind-blown by how good the ice cream there is! Another great recommendation from my uncles, and a place you probably won’t read about in the usual tourist tips.


Not a traditional or popular recommendation, but we were in the area and decided to check it out. I was surprised by how delicious the dish was (my first time trying a proper Poké bowl, so I could be biased). The service was really good, and we spent some time just chilling in the restaurant.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as Copenhagen is full of so many great places!! I tried to include as many as I could, but there are, of course, so many more. A few that are not on the list: Noma, Bæst, Gasoline Grill, DØP, Slurp Ramen, and many more…

This concludes the food part of Copenhagen. Stay tuned for the next part- art and the sights!

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