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Events in The Hague (May + June)

Classes are almost over and summer is hopefully starting too. Many of you are probably already heading back home or going on holiday with friends, but if you’re staying in the Netherlands for a bit longer e be fun to  check out some of these events happening around The Hague. From food festivals at Lange Voorhout, to workshops on how to score that amazing internship, check out these events to celebrate the end of another amazing semester and untangle from your studies! Here are some fun activities for the last weeks of May and all of June!!


23-05 European Elections

It might not be party, but it is still relevant! If you’re an EU citizens here, don’t forget to let your voices be heard, and use your right to vote!! From the 23th until the 26th of May, depending on the country, European Parliament elections will be held, so make sure to check out on which date you can cast your vote. If you’re voting in the Netherlands, the elections take place on the 23th of May!

Information polling stations:

23-05 untill 02-06 Tong Tong Fair

During these 11 days Malieveld will be converted into a massive market for the 61st edition of the Tong Tong Fair, an anual fair bringing aspects of many Asian cultures to The Hague. The Tong Tong Fair brings together cultural elements in exhibitions of art, theather and dance performances, and dozens of stands with diverse and tasty food from all over the Asian continent. Daytickets: 12 euros


24-05 untill 26-05 Sniester Music Festival

What is summer without some good music?! Celebrate the start of the festival season with one of the biggest innercity music festivals in the Hague. More than 60+ acts will perform these three days accross many of the stages, so check out if there are any performances you can not miss!

Day ticket: 17,50



25-05 Vintage Kilo Sale Vinokilo in The Hague

Some last minute summer shopping at this vintage kilo sale!! Originated in Germany, this event has finally arrived in The Hague. This amazing event will take place at Pip. Entrance is 2 euros.


Facebook event:

30-05 The Hague Student Job Fair

Classes might be over, but internship hunting has only just started. This event might help you figure out what you can do and how to score that much wanted internship.


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31-05 Summer Break ’19 End of the Year Beach Party

Get your friends together and celebrate the end of exams, essays and everything university related at the hottest party of this summer!! Whether it’s your final beach party in the Netherlands or your first, get yourself out there! Tickets are 10/13,50 euros


30-05 untill 02-06 Rrrollend The Hague

Delicious food at one of the biggest food festivals of the Hague! During the last week of May Lange Voorhout will be filled with stands selling delicious summer foods!! Entrance is free so drop by if you are craving some unique flavours!

Facebook event:


06-06 re-dress sustainable fashion & clothing swap

Another opportunity to get your new summer wardrobe, while being enviromentally friendly at the same time. Join this clothing swap by bringing clothes or accessories that you no longer like, but are still in great shape, and get to exchange them for other items. Additionally there will be a talks about sustainable fashion throughout the day. The event takes place at the Swedish Residence on Lange Voorhout 28. Entrance is free!

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06-06 Psychosocial Support in the Middle East

The Humanity House becomes the stage for a conference by Cordaid on policy recommendations concerning mental health and psychosocial support in the Middle East and North Africa towards victims of disasters and conflict. Entrance is free but registration is mandatory.

Facebook event:


06-06 untill 09-06 Pride The Hague

This year, the first The Hague Pride is a fact! Spread out over four days, there will be events celebrating the love and gender diversity through movies, parades, speeches and many many parties! The theme of this first Pride festival will be “Don’t be afraid to CONNECT”.



Facebook event information:

07-06 untill 10-06 Art Noveau Festival

For the art lovers out there, the Hague will be the stage of an Art Noveau Festival for 4 days, with tours and performances celebrating this gorgeous art style from the early 1900s. This is the first edition of the Festival and will centre a tour around the city pointing to the monuments of Art Noveau, poetry readings and other artistic performances. Some of the activities are unfortunately only offered in Dutch, however the city tour is guaranteed in English. This tour costs 15 euros

Website: | Facebook event:

07-06 Haagse Wereld Hapjes

It seems The Hague can’t get enough of food festivals during these months! 20 of The Hague’s most popular restaurants get together at Lange Voorhout so you can enjoy the amazing food this city has to offer in one central place! How amazing is that?! And don’t forget about the live music that will make an unforgetable evening. Drag your friends and celebrate the summer evenings in the city. Entrance is free.

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15-06 Home Made Market Kerkplein

Do you still need some souvenirs for your family back at home? What better than products homemade in The Hague! Gather around Grote Kerk and find stands selling the cutest, funniest, most creative and most delicious products possible. You might find the perfect souvenir here.


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29-06 untill 30-06 Parkpop

Zuiderpark will be transformed into the stage of the Hague’s biggest free festivals of the Hague with a large number of International and Dutch performers joining the stage!

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