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Missing the OWL Week? Don’t!

Orientation Week Leiden is organized annually to welcome the new students of Leiden University. It is an exclusive week, full of activities, only for students from all programmes, starting at September. You can only access to registration through the invitation e-mail. (Feeling special?)

However, I am not going to tell you about the OWL week, because I can’t. As someone who missed the chance to participate to last year’s edition, I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t do the same mistake.


Firstly, coming to city not right on the week the lecture starts is an advantage on its own. You will enjoy the free time to explore the city and getting used to this new environment before you find yourself in a busy routine. Not to mention August is a beautiful month to be here.

Secondly, it is a week designed for you to have fun! There are many activities like barbecue or parties. Additionally, it is not only fun but also quite beneficial as it has events as bike sale or career market.

Lastly and more importantly: people. It is a week you will spend with people of your age from different programmes! It is the perfect opportunity to find a mixed friend group. To be honest, let me tell you that it is probably the ONLY opportunity. Even after 9 months now, most people still hang around with their OWL group. How nice for them right? But, being the one who didn’t attend to OWL and thus doesn’t have an OWL group is no fun. (It sounds jealous, I know.)

Are these enough reasons? Don’t want to be left out? Seize the chance and register for this year’s OWL week – 26-30 August- until 16th August. The fee is 85 EUR, including all lunches and dinners. You can find more information, including this year’s schedule, here:

Anyone to share their OWL memories? Looking forward to seeing them in the comments!


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