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Hidden Copenhagen: the Local’s Guide- Part 3 (Drinks, Beer, and Culture)


La Banchina

In midst of the industrial area you’ll find many hip spots, among them this unique restaurant-bar. The idea here is that you seat right on the deck, at the pier, and buy a drink or have a nice BBQ meal with your friends. It’s a unique spot that most likely is only known to the locals, so please- keep it a secret. The last thing we want is for this heaven to be destroyed by swarms of hungry tourists.


The small cocktail bar will not disappoint, with lovely staff and a great atmosphere. You can choose from a wide selection of high-quality cocktails or ask the bartenders to make your usual drink. Either way, the nice vibes and young crowd make this place feel lively and casual.


The beer


I mean, 61 beer taps. Do I really need to say more?

My recommendation– go for the 10cl glasses and try a few beers!


The Dutch have Heineken, the Danish have Carlsberg (OK, and Tuborg). The visitor center of Carlsberg is a nice activity for those interested in the story behind the brand. You can enjoy a beer while walking around the compound. Though currently under renovations, it is expected to reopen in 2020, and you can bet it will make for an even nicer experience.

The culture


Yes, the Dutch did not invent the bike culture. Hard to believe, right? Copenhagen, for example, has more bikes than people and was even the first official bike city in the world! So, if you want to feel like a local, rent a bike and bike your way through the city.

Even in mid-winter, people still go for a “casual” swim. Insanity? well, I guess that’s a cultural thing…


Denmark is among the leading when it comes to sustainability, and this is something that is easy to feel once you tour around the country. But even in Copenhagen, you’d notice the signs. The atmosphere is of respect for nature, which originates in Denmark being a society based on agriculture and fishing. Energy, water, waste, agriculture- Denmark is a leading contributor to renovating all towards a more sustainable living.

Did you know?  The lovable app “TooGoodtoGo” (and here I refer you to an article I wrote about it- was founded in Denmark!

Fulkehuset Absalon

This one fits perfectly to this part of the series since it involves both culture and beer. A church turned community center; nothing shows Vesterbro’s inclusive atmosphere better. Here everyone’s welcome for a beer, enjoying a meal together, or to one of the countless other activities hosted at the place every day of the week. And if that’s not enough, the beer is cheap and surprisingly good. Need I say more?


And with this I conclude this series. Even though I split my tips and knowledge over three (quite long) articles, this is still only a little of what Copenhagen has to offer. I just hope that you now realize just how much you can do, see, and experience over there, and I hope to maybe see you next time you’re there! Till then, good luck with your studies!

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  1. M Kristensen
    May 28, 2019

    Donkey Republic operates illegally in Copenhagen where they have no permit. You shouldn’t support a business like that.

    • Maya Orbach
      May 28, 2019

      I had no idea. Of course I would not support such a business. Thank you for sharing and letting me know!

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