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Leiden for a Sushi Lover

Are you also addicted to the small rolls of different flavors? Looking for places to get sushi with good taste and affordable prices? Let me list my favorite 3 sushi places which are all really close to my faculty, and consequently to each other.


  1. Sushi Point

It is on the opposite side of the Gall&Gall on Hooigracht. You can always find posters for some kind of deal for 2 people of bigger groups. Even though I find the prices slightly expensive, they have a deal on Knaek for students where you can get a medium size mix box for 10EURs.




  1. I Love Sushi

Who doesn’t? It is on the corner where Haarlemerstraat and Hooigracht meet, where you can also see Sushi Point. This is the one I visit most frequently as they have a small sushi box for 5 EUR, just enough to have a snack or cure your longing for sushi. Additionally, from time to time, you might find other deals on Social Deal for bigger boxes. Price-performance is totally worth it.


  1. Sushi Bento

It is a really small place on Haarlemerstraat. It is the most authentic, not a chain sushi place in Leiden, and probably the best and freshest. Contrary to take-away focus of the two others with really small or none-existent sitting places; Sushi Bento has a proper restaurant setting. So, you don’t have to take you sushi box and go home or try to find a park to eat it. You might actually have a proper night out. However, in exchange, it is the most expensive one among these three.



What are your favorite sushi places? Share in the comments!

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