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June Events in Leiden

Don’t know what to do next month? I’ve got you covered! Check out these awesome events in Leiden and the area which are sure to make your month better.

1.6- Vondel Disco Leiden | De Burcht 

We all love De Burcht- we take our visiting friends and family there, we go there to enjoy the sun and relax, and in general consider this one of Leiden’s landmarks. Then how about a party in De Burcht? Join for an awesome evening and experience De Burcht in a completely different way. Ticket sale starts on 30 May, so make sure to buy a ticket quickly!

For tickets:

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6-7-8.6 Leiden English Theatre – Absurd History

How about a bit of theatre for a change? This event consists of two plays, both absurd and with a historical tone. Student tickets are 10€.

For tickets and more information:

8.6- The Hague Pride Walk 2019

Although not technically in Leiden, you can’t sit this one out! Take the train and come celebrate in The Hague! What can you expect? Music, people, and the best vibes!

Link to the Facebook event:

9.6- Japanmarkt

The annual Japan Market is upon us, where you can discover the tastes of Japan, visit the museum, or absorb Japanese culture on the Rapenburg. Music, martial arts demonstrations- it’s all there. What are you waiting for?

For more information:

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15.6- Leonardo & Beyond. Perspectives on the Renaissance Man

Always wanted to hear more about Leonardo Da Vinci, directly from several leading speakers from around the world? Well, this is your lucky day! In honor of the 500th year of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, several groups have joined in organizing this conference that will discuss everything Leonardo- from A to Z. The event will take place in Lipsius.

Link to the Facebook event:

16.6- Notting Hill

Trianon will be once again winning our heart by showing another classic- Notting Hill. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the movie will be shown at 4 pm. All romantics are welcome!

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21.6- Midsummer night

During this evening you can enjoy Hortus Botanicus in a completely different atmosphere- with live music, wine, and an evening breeze, come see the unique evening flowers and enjoy the company of your friends and neighbors. Entrance is free for students.

Link to the Facebook event:

22.6 Collegium Musicum Concert with Tchaikovsky’s symphony no. 4

Do you happen to be a fan of classical music? Even if your answer is no, you might like to try this one!
LSKO Collegium Musicum, with over 100 students, will be performing a Russian program from the late 19th century tonight , with pieces by Rachmaninoff, Taneyev, and Tchaikovsky. Why is this special? Well, first of all, the tickets are very cheap for a classical music concert (only 9€). Second, the concert will take place in Hartebrugkere, and enjoying classical music in a church is a unique and uplifting experience. Why not give it a try?

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29.6 Leids Bierfestival

Beer, beer, beer… What will we do without you? come to the Leiden Beer festival to celebrate our favorite beverage! During the festival, more than 20 breweries will present more than 75 craft beers for you to try. Or, at least, try trying. Entrance is 10.61€, and you’ll get a cool beer glass to take home with you!

Link to the Facebook event:

For tickets and more information:


~~Know of any other events? Don’t like my suggestions? Want to tell me your deepest darkest secret? No problem! Feel free to comment anything you like, or approach me in any social media (or even in the real world. I heard it’s a nice place). Have a great summer, y’all!

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  1. Kevin
    May 28, 2019

    I love these articles <3

    • Maya Orbach
      May 28, 2019

      Thanks! 🙂

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