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“Science Fiction: a Journey Into the Unknown” in Rotterdam

Sci-Fi fans, unite! a temporary exhibition in Kunsthal, Rotterdam, will immerse you in the world of science-fiction, from its very beginning, to what it has become today. So hurry up, because you only have until June 30 to check it out!

I think we all enjoy the occasional Sci-Fi movie, right? To be honest, they’re quite difficult to avoid nowadays. Sci-Fi has been gaining popularity, and with advancements in technology, we can enjoy it more realistically than ever. But did you ever wonder where Sci-Fi began, or when? And, most importantly perhaps, why?

If you’re interested in learning more, you should definitely check out the exhibition in Kunsthal.

Me goofing around in the exhibition

What you can find there

My favorite part of the exhibition was a bizarre short film based entirely on a script written by, brace yourselves, an artificial intelligence. Admittedly, the “plot” is nonexistent and understanding anything from the 9-minute film may be impossible, but I found it fascinating to see what an AI that has been fed Sci-Fi films will generate in return.

Besides this very small and insignificant (although very cool) film, the exhibition revolves around the changing themes in science-fiction throughout the years- space exploration, artificial intelligence, robotics, and dystopias, to name a few. Embedded in the exhibition are movie clips, art inspired by science- fiction, and (I can’t believe I’m only mentioning it now) star-wars props!! I got your attention now, huh?

Why I liked it

As a devoted Sci-Fi fan, I think it’s interesting to discover “where it all came from”. When you walk through the exhibition, you really understand how every few years Sci-Fi seems to revolve mainly around one big theme, which keeps changing and evolving. Also, by looking critically at what Sci-Fi was and what it is now raises questions about what it may be in the future. And isn’t this what Sci-Fi is all about? So, in a way, you are inspecting Sci-Fi using the Sci-Fi approach. Very inception-like, isn’t it?

Practical details

Museum entrance price- 7 (after student discount), which also grants you entrance to all the other exhibitions in the museum
Opening times- Tuesday until Saturday: 10-17, Sunday: 11-17
Address- Museumpark, Westzeedijk 341, 3015 AA Rotterdam
Link to website-

~~think you might check the exhibition out? Awesome! Let me know in the comments what you thought about it! Live long and prosper 😉

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