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Finishing All Lectures of Your Master’s Degree


It feels like it is an eternity away when you are struggling through countless assignments, presentations, group projects and exams. All those beautiful days you spend in the classroom instead of enjoying the rare nice weather and bam!; before you know you are at the last lecture of your master’s degree, which actually means the very last lecture of your entire life, regardless what you decide to do afterwards. It feels incredible how fast one year went and also weird not to see your classmates almost every single day of the week.


After an education life of 17 years, this was a memorable moment for me when we had our last lecture this week on the 5th of June. Especially after waiting, imagining this year for a long time and being amazed by most of my lecturers who are world-class professors in their respective fields, realizing I will not sit in the classroom was hard to actually comprehend.

This being said, I am also really glad that I finally came to an end with my lectures. I am a person who cannot focus fully if I have to be somewhere in the middle of the day. It has been quite a challenge to concentrate on my thesis or whatever I had to do before or after the lectures which I had at least 4 times a week this semester. I have been envying to my friends from other programmes who already completed their lectures almost a month ago and had nothing else but their thesis. So, me tend to get emotional about it doesn’t mean I am not glad about it. As sad as it sounds, I am looking forward to my days after my last exam next week where I will have nothing but my thesis, fully concentrated and finishing it completely.

Additionally, it is priceless to go for some drinks after your last lecture with your classmates and reflect throughout the whole year. It also was a good reminder that everything; good, bad or bittersweet, comes to an end and you just need to take the most out of it and try to enjoy it in any case.

When is your last lecture? What were your thoughts? Share in the comments!


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