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Surviving the Long Library Days- Tips for Studying

Exams are here, and with them long days spent studying at the library. So what can you do to survive those days, and come out the other end with not only the good grades you want, but also your physical (and mental) health? Read below…

Come prepared

We all know those people- they show up at the library the second it opens, prepared with a day supply of food, drinks, and all the study material they need. And you know what? We should all aspire to be like those people. Because they know what they’re doing. If you’re prepared for a full day at the library, you have no worries, no distractions, and most importantly- no reasons to ever leave home early. Accept it, you live here now.

Don’t be alone- social support

There’s no better way to ensure you go study than take people “down” with you. Well, you know what they say- misery loves company.

The nice thing is that your friends are more likely to thank you, and seeing them smile at you from across the table might help motivate you to study on.

Take some breaks

It’s important to take short breaks once in a while. Both you and your brain need it in order to study better.

Get some air

If the weather is good outside, try going outdoors, even for just a minute or two. Being closed in the library for hours at a time is not good for your body, and after coming back from such a break you will feel refreshed and awake.

Stay hydrated!

Drink, drink, drink! And of course, I mean water. You might not notice it, but it’s easy to forget to drink and slowly dehydrate. Besides being harmful to you, it will also lower the effectiveness of your study session.

Need motivation? Toilet poetry

We all notice the ever-changing graffiti on the toilet walls. And while I by no means encourage or support it (property damage is wrong!), it is nice sometimes to take comfort by reading people’s silly banter on the walls. Because while tackling an especially challenging statistics question, there’s nothing more supportive than reading someone’s existential questioning of God and the universe.

And what NOT to do?

Don’t be inconsiderate to your fellow students. That means being rude, noisy, dirty, or any other thing that might disturb those around you.

Going home

So that’s all I have to say. Now that you finished studying you can go home, and get ready for another long, but hopefully productive, day.

~~ How do you survive your days at the library? Got any tip for your fellow students? Let me know below!

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