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A Leidener’s Guide to Buying Flowers

My favourite part of the Saturday market (and Wednesday of course) is the flowers of infinite kind and colour. Even if I won’t be buying any that day, I still spend a fair amount of time in front of the stands just admiring their beauty. If I will buy, well then even longer. It was impossible to decide in the beginning. However, after months of being a regular customer of these stands, my choice criteria evolved into considering how nice and strong they smell, rather than how nice they look, which is already given whichever you buy.

Today, I would like to share some tips and personal picks for buying flowers. Do you need a small gift to give your friends who just moved to a new house or to thank someone for their help? Flowers is the perfect way to make someone happy and help them bring some colour to their houses/rooms. Just this part became an addiction for me, I am looking for occasions I can give people flowers and see the happiness in their face.

On the other hand, don’t wait for an excuse and just make something nice for yourself. There are actually studies showing that having real flowers in your house has a positive effect on your mood and consequently mental health. (Not joking, you can read more here) Not only they look lovely, but their smell also fills the whole place for days or even one or two weeks if you take care of them properly!

As said, now I choose them depending on their smells and already have my favourite ones: give a try to hyacinths and gillyflower, you will be amazed, believe me. Sometimes they are not fully blossomed and don’t really smell when you buy them. However, after being in water overnight will reveal the spectacular smell.

Where to buy them? The market is the first option with a wider selection. If you go near to the closing time (after 4 pm specifically) you can even buy huge gorgeous bouquets for only 5 EURs. Other option, of course, is supermarkets. Albert Hein, Hoogvliet and Jumbo always have flowers, depending on what is popular in the particular season, from tulips to roses. There is always a deal of buying two bunch (bos in Dutch) for 5 EUR or similar, so you might opt for what is on sale at the time, as I usually do.


Last advice is to ask for flower food (cute, isn’t it?). This powder-like matter in small plastic package keeps your flower fed and go longer. You just need to mix it into the water. And of course, get yourself a nice vase where you can display your beautiful flowers. Overall, we are living in a country of flowers. It is probably not possible to find such beautiful fresh ones for such cheap prices, so take advantage of it!

What is your favourite flower? Share in the comments!


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