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Before the dream arrival……(Part 1)

Hello everyone, your new blogger extraordinaire here! This series that I’ve concocted will attempt to show you all you need to ready before you even arrive in Leiden. In today’s part, a few preparations that you should definitely do before arriving.

First one: Appointment for a Dutch BSN

Once you arrive to the Netherlands the first thing you should (have) done is make an appointment with the Leiden town hall for a Dutch social security number. Why is this important you ask? Because all facilities require a Dutch BSN, telephone companies, bank accounts, water/electricity companies.

Figure 1. The glorious and beautiful city hall of Leiden. Located near the Breestraat bus stop.

By using this website you can make an an appointment for the BSN number:

The second preparation: Renting a room.

If you still have not rented a room before you arrive to the Netherlands, then that should now become a priority. These following websites will help you in renting a room as soon as possible: Beware some realtors charge people for arranging a rent for their room, this is illegal and should not be tolerated. Just pass it on the realtor if he tries to do this.

Websites to find housing:, https://housinganywhere.com , (in The Hague)

With these tips you should be two-steps ahead of everyone before you come to have the time of your life in Leiden!

Is there something you would like to know about Leiden or life in the city? Ask away in the comments!


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