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Visit to the CJEU: Part 1 – Luxembourg

As a part of my studies, I have just been to Luxembourg, to visit the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). In this two-part series, I will tell you about my experience, firstly as for the city and secondly for the highest court of the European Union.

How to Get There

It actually surprised me that it takes almost 6 hours to get to Luxembourg, which always felt like really close. However, it is quite easy to get there and the route it goes through is really nice and feasible to combine with other cities. The train (NS International and then local intercities) goes through and stop both at Antwerp and Brussels. So, you can easily split the journey into two (or maybe three) and spend a day at one of these cities and have a nice 2-3 days Belgium-Luxembourg trip. But, do not confuse the city of Luxembourg in Luxembourg with the train station of Luxembourg in Brussels. Confusing, I know.

Of course, the train is not the only option, you can take Flixbus from Amsterdam, which depending on the specific time, can be a direct trip of 5,5 hours.



Even just on the way from Brussels to Luxembourg, the gorgeous nature of this small country becomes apparent. Coming from the flat-lands, seeing hills (real hills, not tiny ‘Dutch hills’) is a nice change. The city of Luxembourg is built on a huge valley filled with green. If you walk straight from the central station (Gare Centrale), you will end up on a bridge where you can look up to the valley.

The city itself is filled with cute narrow streets and small hidden squares in between buildings where people are enjoying their drinks in small cafes.

What I strongly suggest is to go to the giant elevator which will take you to the area called the ‘Ground’. It is amazing how they designed the whole city to be in harmony with the valley. Many people use this elevator daily apparently, even with their bikes, to go from the lowest points of the city to the highest ones. It also hosts the most spectacular view over the valley with its full glass walls and even a glass floor, if you dare to step on. (I couldn’t)


After going down the elevator, if you keep walking straight, you will end up with a tiny shallow pool, which has been used by washing stores to wash clothes of inhabitants for centuries, up until 1970s. In a warm day, it is quite nice to put your feet into cold water and then sit on the benches as you let them dry.

After, to your left, a park that goes all the way up lies with the parts of the city fortress and many points for taking pictures.

At the end, the image I had is that Luxembourg is a beautiful and welcoming city with many places you can relax and enjoy the gorgeous nature, which I would strongly recommend.

Have you been to Luxembourg? What are your suggestions?

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