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A New Place in Town- Aloha!

Who would have thought that a hipster vegetarian resto-bar will land in Leiden, of all places? But, well, it did. And you know what? It’s AMAZING!

I, like other people, can be skeptical when it comes to vegetarian/vegan food. Particularly the kind that tries to mimic “the real thing”, often resulting in a not-so-delicious substitute.

But let me tell you- this time, I was wrong.

Some of you probably heard about the Vegan Junkfood bar in Amsterdam. That hipster spot offers very Instagramable food (like a black-bun burger, or green-bun hotdog!), that tastes pretty good, too. But in any way imaginable, Aloha beats it; service, alcohol, selection, and food quality. And the best part is, of course, that it’s in Leiden! No need to pay for the train to Amsterdam 😉

What is it Good For?

Whether you’re looking for a place to get a drink with a friend while enjoying some great snacks, or whether you want to enjoy a good meal- Aloha is your place. During lunchtime and the early afternoon it’s also a great spot to study, enjoying the nice decor and atmosphere of the intimate place.

What to Eat / Drink

Everything we had the time (and money) to try in both times we visited was good. The cocktails are smashing and beautifully served, and you can look around your table to have a peek- they’re everywhere. Obviously, people appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a nice cocktail in such a vibrant place.

Recommendations: Food- go for the Chicken Bao or the Kapsalon, you won’t regret it. Drinks- try the sneaky m*therf**ker, if you’re brave.

Chicken Bao

Bottom line

Aloha is a nice restaurant, and a good way to encourage the trend of more sustainable dining and drinking culture. The best part is that you don’t need to give up on anything you usually enjoy, and that’s why word of such places should be spread, at least in my opinion 😊

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