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3 things to do before moving to Leiden- Part 2- Find a bike

In the last blog 3 things to do before moving to Leiden, I gave you my tips to start looking for a room in Leiden! In this article, I will instead give you all the information to find the perfect bike for you!

Your bike is going to become one of your most faithful friends in Leiden and so it requires a careful choice. You will go everywhere by bike and after a few months you will never want to walk anymore. One of the things you will use most and you will love most is exactly biking around. It comes as no surprise being in The Netherlands after all.

The first thing to do in Leiden is getting a bike. Let’s see how to get the right bike for you. First of all, I’d suggest to buy a second-hand bike. It is a more sustainable choice, it is cheaper and it is not a big loss in the eventuality it gets stolen. Plus, if you are staying only for one year, there is actually no point in investing all those money in a new bike.

Especially for short periods of time, you can choose to rent your bike monthly for a very cheap price.There are two main bike renting shops in Leiden: EasyFiets and Swapfiets.

Let’s see what they offer:


You can get a bike for 10 or 15 € per month, depending on whether you want a bike with pedal breaks or with hand breaks. You can also add theft insurance, a chain lock and bicycle bags for 2 € each per month! You need to pay a deposit of 40 € which you will have back once you hand in your bike! In case your bike breaks, all reparations are for free!


You will see these bikes everywhere in Leiden! If you want one as well, visit Swapfiets website and order your own. The price for students is 12,95€ per month and reparations are included! The main idea is that whenever your bike breaks down you can swap it with another one immediately! The minimum contract is for 3 months.


Chop chop, it is time to cycle!

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