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3 things to do before moving to Leiden- Part 3- Learning Dutch

Being fluent in Dutch is not a requirement of English-taught courses at University. However, especially if you are moving to Leiden for your Bachelor Studies, it might be nice to have a grasp of the language. In this blog, I will give you my opinion on why you should learn a bit of Dutch.

Living in the Netherland without knowing Dutch is absolutely feasible. Most of the population speaks English fluently and, especially at University, everyone speaks English. In brief, you do not have to learn Dutch to survive. However, you should want to learn Dutch, even if just the basics.

-Learning a new language is always exciting and gives you a better insight in the culture of the country. It is nice to order coffee and to shop your groceries or even to enjoy Dutch Literature and Music with time. Not to mention that learning Dutch will for sure enhance your experience in The Netherlands.
-It will help you with some practicalities like reading signs, understanding trains’ announcements, dealing with bureaucracy.
-If you are looking for a temporary and flexible job in pubs or restaurant, knowing Dutch may be a requirement.
-If you decide to remain in The Netherlands for a longer time, knowing Dutch is a good skill to have on your CV, not only to live in the country but also to get a job. Although many working places require only English, knowing Dutch is always a plus.


The University Language Centre is where to go! There are countless language courses among which Dutch of course. The courses start in February, July, August and September. Alternatively, you can choose to attend an Intensive Summer Course. Do not worry about fitting the course into your schedule, since the classes are available also in the afternoon or evening. The price is discounted for students and all levels are available.

If you are instead more of a lonely wolf and you want to learn Dutch by yourself and maybe with the help of a tutor, I suggest to check this website Italki. Here you can find many tutors available for quick and occasional Dutch classes on Skype.

I hope I have convinced you that giving it a go with Dutch is the right choice for your staying in The Netherlands.

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