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Some practical tips to use the library

Willing or not, the library will soon become one of your most visited places and it is important to know how to get the most out of it. Here, I will give you some suggestions on how to get the most out of the study spaces of Leiden University.
Going to the library is not always the funniest activity of the week, however we gotta do it at some point. It can actually become the place where to meet your friends for a study break or simply for a coffee. In dire straits, you will end up calling Domino’s Pizza for a dinner delivery. If you have to be there then, might even take advantage of the multiple study spaces that the library has to offer:
  • get a group-study room. The library offers plenty of group-study rooms where you can do group work or simply studying with your friends in a chill environment. It is a good alternative if you do not like the silence of the normal study desk or the noise of a Café.
  • single study-room. Deadlines are approaching and it is time to sit down and do some proper work. If you need your own little bunker, the single study-rooms are the perfect space for you. They are very cosy, a bit too dark sometimes but they overall create the perfect study environment where to finish off your final essay.
  • Lipsius. look for a place at Lipsius or at the Library Café. If the library is packed, do not despair. There is plenty of space in Lipsius! Check it out and find the perfect spot for you!
  • Law Library. Check out the Law Library! Sometimes it is nice to change air and place and the Law Library is actually very cosy and close to the main one. Pop by the Café and grab a sit there if the library is too busy.
Otherwise, there are many cosy Cafés in Leiden where to stop by to write a paper or read some articles. My favourite one is definitely Coffee Company but you gotta find yours!
Check here all the study places available at Leiden University!

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