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Long haul? No problem!

For many internationals, the move to the Netherlands may be one of the first long haul flights you take! As I moved here from the UK this wasn’t my experience (long car journeys are my forte!), however I recently caught my first long haul flight with the help and company of a seasoned pro. Here are my top 5 tips on how to make it through the flight with comfort and ease. Comment below with any other tips you have and I’ll try them out on my next trip!

✈ 1. Comfy clothing is key!

Elasticated waistbands all the way, you really want to be comfortable curled up in your seat. The flight can be a little cold, so it’s a good idea to wear a soft and comfy jumper. If you’re flying overnight, I think pyjamas are a very good idea. Shoes that you can slip off are also recommended, as are extra soft and cosy socks.


✈ 2. Entertainment

This was my first ever flight with the option of watching movies! My takeaway- bring your own headphones to improve comfort (and reduce plastic waste!), and pick something lighthearted and easy to watch. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up on any recent blockbusters you missed! Try take it easy though and dont spend the whole flight watching TV. Downloading some podcasts beforehand is also a good idea.

✈ 3. Sleeping?

photo of koala bear sleeping on tree

Beforehand I was very worried about sleeping at the “correct” time, however after doing some online research and talking to friends, I think it’s better to accept that you’ll be tired for the first couple days on arrival, and sleep when you’re tired on the flight. Use the eye mask and earplugs provided, they really help!


✈ 4. Documents & essentials

I put my rucksack in the overhead lockers, but keep my passport, phone, headphones, and other essentials in a small bag with me. This is more a personal preference for me, as I think it makes it so much easier to not have to get up whenever you need something.

✈ 5. Medications?

What time is it though? Source.

If you’re anxious about the flight or claustrophobic, it might be worth talking to your Dr or a health care professional about techniques to manage this during the flight. If you can choose your seat try get an aisle seat as this way you can see more space and get up and walk around if needed. For me, another thought was timing my prescription medication with the time difference. This will vary for everyone, so this is just a general reminder!

I hope these tips help prepare you for your flight, if you’re more experienced and have some great tips, post them below! And for those of you who are soon to travel to Leiden, I hope you have a cosy and easy flight!

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