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Let’s Have a Boat Tour

It is no surprise anymore to see many people on boats cruising through the canals of Leiden as soon as the sun shows its face a little bit. Dutch people love boats, this is my conclusion after seeing them on the water even in the darker days. As long as there is no pouring rain, expect to see boats of different sizes.

download (3)However, you do not need to envy. You do not have to own your own boat to enjoy. Leiden has many options. As there is still hope to have some warm days before we say goodbye to the summer, here are some options you might easily arrange.

The first option is to join the touristic tours from the docks on the way to Centraal, for less than 15 EURs. They usually leave every hour or half an hour. There are also several languages available for the tour itself. So, it is also a good opportunity to learn about important buildings and points on the way and gain more information about the history of Leiden. Have a guest visiting you from out of town, or out of the country? This is the perfect Dutch experience.

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The second option is to rent a boat as a group, with your friends or classmates (or both). It is the perfect bonding opportunity and good warm day activity. There are many companies you can choose from. What my class opted for was Bootjes en Broodjes. The name speaks for itself, I guess, they also provide catering on the boat. They have boats available for groups of people up to 12, 22 or 30 but you can also require a boat for a bigger group (bigger than 30? Wow.) The tour lasts for 50 mins with again the skipper being your guide and tell you all about the Leiden canals. If you do not want to wait for a warm day, that is fine too. The boats can be covered in case of rain, which was the case for my class’s tour.

Have you already had a boat tour in Leiden? What was your impression? Share in the comments!


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