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What Now? Finding a Job in the Netherlands

Finished your studies and cannot have enough of this country so you want to look for vacancies? Or you are starting your degree and hope to find something to start right after graduation? If you don’t know where to start, here is a couple of suggestions and notes for you to see your options to stay in this beautiful country of tulips, windmills, bikes and stroopwaffels.

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  1. Orientation or Search year (zoekjaar)

If you are non-EU national, of course, the first consideration is how to prolong your visa which currently is dependent on your study. Being a welcoming country for international, the Netherlands allows you to stay for a year after you complete your degree to look for a job. Called as search year, you can apply for this option within 3 years after your graduation.


  1. Dutch

If you only speak English, be ready to see Dutch as a requirement for most of the vacancies. So, it will take more effort for you to land to a position with higher competition. But do not despair. There are still positions that accept English speakers. So, keep looking and maybe… start learning Dutch in the meantime now that you want to stay here for a longer period.

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  1. Linked-in

I cannot emphasis the importance of Linked-in enough. Both for temporary positions as internships and permanent positions at different types of organizations like NGOs to companies, Linked-in is the place to find announcements of vacancies. The best point is that you can set an alert for specific positions and location (e.g. Legal Counsel in Amsterdam Area). Some vacancies even accept so-called ‘Easy Application’ so you can apply them with a single button, through your Linked-in profile. Needless to say, to do this, you should have an up-to-date and professional Linked-in profile.


  1. University Websites

Of course, the websites you should check vary depending on the type of job you are looking for. If it is an academic position, as a PhD, you should be keeping an eye on the individual websites of the universities. Almost all positions are also announced on the website however it sometimes takes a day or two which can be useful to develop your application. Again, you can set e-mail alerts.


  1. Indeed

If your focus is more on the private sector, there are many other websites you can check. One of those is the where I have seen some vacancies that were not published on Linked-in or other websites. So, even though most of the time the announcements on different websites overlap, there is a certain percentage that will escape your attention if you are only checking one or two websites. Try to catch everything through as much as different channels possible. One of those might be your future position.


Lastly, be patient. Finding a job that will make you happy is already a hard task anywhere, leave in a different country. It will take time and probably countless applications. But if you want it enough and take some time every day towards it, anything will come true.


Do you have any other suggestions or experiences you want to share? Leave a comment!


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