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A Foodie Paradise: Haarlem Culinair

Are you a foodie always looking for food events and experiencing new tastes? As a rookie foodie, I want to share my experience from exactly such an event at the beginning of the month in a perfectly accessible close city.

download (1)An annual food festival that will meet the preference of everyone takes places in the neighbouring city of Leiden: Haarlem. Several restaurants from Haarlem and its surroundings assemble cute portative restaurants under party tents to present their delicious dishes. Held in Grote Markt, the main square of the city, this setting enables the visitors to experience tasty bites from different world cuisine without leaving the square. Starting from Asian classics as Chinese food and Sushi to Italian pasta, a wide selection of food is presented with affordable prices.

download (2)

All this good food was accompanied by nice wine and beer collection, besides live music. Portions were small but still was worth to the price. It actually was even better as I got to try different restaurants and dishes without filling myself with a single dish.

haarlemculinair2This year’s edition, which was the 25th year of the festival, took place on August 1-4. Haarlem, itself is another historical Dutch city worth to see, which is only a 20 min train ride away. Its station is particularly beautiful. Restaurants that participated this year included:  Brick, De Jopenkerk, Fris, Dijkers, De Kippenhal, Napoli, Wijn & Ko.

Have you ever been to Haarlem? Do you know any other food festivals in the Netherlands? Share in the comments!

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