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Amsterdam Seafood Festival

A new term emerged for seafood lovers: seafoodie, which I like to consider myself as. Apart from different types of fish, I love any type of seafood from mussels to crab, oysters to calamari. Saturday markets of Leiden often has many seafood options you might get fresh and enjoy on the spot or at home. However, even in restaurants, it is not possible to find all the different types together or at a reasonable price. This is why I was thrilled when I saw the Facebook event for a seafood festival in just 30 mins away from Leiden. You can either go through Amsterdam metro line and get off at station Overamstel or not leave the NS network, get off at station Amsterdam RAI and have a nice walk to the venue.


Held in the event location called ‘Dok Amsterdam’, designed to be the beach of the city, with palm tree decorations and sand on the ground which was perfect for the occasion. Several stands with different types of seafood were spread to the place both indoors and outdoors. There was a drink bar inside to accompany the food with beer, wine or other drinks such as lemonade. Even though the weather was not ideal for an outdoor festival with strong winds, there were still quite a few people, eating, drinking and enjoying the music.

3Amazed by the number of different options, we started with a fish taco. Along a couple of hours, we were there, we got oysters several times from different stands, which is on its way to becoming a new addiction to me. Oysters from different seas are extremely different. While the French ones are smaller and milder in the taste, Dutch oysters from Zeeland were at least twice as big and their taste was so much more intense.

However, the main course as our lunch was the Fruit De Mare plate. It was the best one I have ever had with so many different types of seafood, from shrimps to mussels. It just looked like a small mountain of seafood which took us more than half an hour to finish for just 12 EURs. So again, it was like a paradise to me to find so many options at a single location.

Which food festivals have you been in the Netherlands? Share in the comments!



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