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Night-Time Outings in The Hague

As much as we don’t like to admit it, a large part of university life is social life. University gives us the chance to go out in the world truly on our own for the first time – but still with a degree of a safety net in the form of family. A part of this new independence is making new friends and spending time with them. Whether this time is spent having dinner together, studying together or going out together, it is one the highlights of university.

In spending time with my friends, I have come across a few recommendations for a night out in the Hague. Although your choices will be dependent on your preferences, here are a few of my suggestions:

Jimz Pub

This is one of my favourite bars to go to. Located on Herenstraat 15, near the Leiden University Campus, it is a great spot to pop into after university or to watch a sports match. It is very cozy, has great music and a pool table: a must have for the competitive students out there.

An infamous feature of Jimz is their 2 for 1 special on a Thursday night from 10pm to 11pm. On Thursday’s you are guaranteed a good crowd and boozy night – consuming twice the volume of alcohol than any other night.


Photograph by Jordan Dittmar

Grote Markt

Located in its self-titled square at the end of Spui (the shopping street), this collection of bars is the perfect place to meet for drinks, food and a good time. Rain or shine, cold or warm, the square caters for all occasions.

It consists of several bars, all charging similar prices, around a square. As one of the first places I visited in the Hague it is very cozy and nostalgic.

2019-11-11 19:28:00.773

Photography by Jordan Dittmar


Plein, similarly to Grote Markt, is a square with a variety of bars and restaurants. It is slightly more upper class and expensive than Grote Markt. It has a great atmosphere and is conveniently close to the university building: located on the corner of Plein and Korte Houtstraat.


Famous for their free entry Tequila Tuesdays, where tequila is sold at discounted prices and entry is free before 12pm, Millers can be founded in Plein square. It has a good dance floor, all the latest music and a guaranteed crowd.

If you enjoy clubbing and meeting lots of new people, Millers is a great place to start. It is a place you can count on to always have a party ready and waiting for you.


Located on Buitenhof 19, the restaurant by day, club by night is notorious for its great music and never-ending parties. The student association BASIS, for International Studies students, hosts several parties here. Their cheap entrance fee and cheaper drinks make the club a must-visit.

2019-11-11 19:26:31.005

Photograph by Jordan Dittmar


With its two dance floors, techno and latest hits, it provides a variety for party goers. The venue has great drinks deals, many events and a legendary Halloween party. It can be found in Binckhorstlaan 36. It has a great outside area and an even better vibe if you’re into Berlin-inspired grunge clubs.

Hopefully you will enjoy these spots as much as I do. They cater for every type of night and are guaranteed to make getting out of bed the next morning just a bit more difficult than usual. It will definitely be worth it though.




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