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Which Apps Should I Download Before Moving to The Netherlands – Part I

Regardless from where you are, being an international student equivalent to a tight budget, creating a brand new social environment and trying to understand local traits and daily habits. However, there is always a possibility to find cheaper options, people who shares the same hobbies with you or even to act like a local, if you know where to look at. Here, I would like to give some suggestions about the applications which might help you to feel more local during your studies at Leiden University.

  • 9292

In Dutch culture being late comes with irreversible consequences. However, including me, significant amount of international students commutes to Leiden from different cities everyday by using various types of public transportation. Thus, it is very useful to download 9292 to arrange your travels. This app shows you more or less all public transportation availabilities in The Netherlands, including duration and prices. Moreover, you can see maintenance warnings or other relevant information that might affect your transportation, so you can change your route for those days.

  • Buienradar

Be aware! You can never estimate how the weather is going to be like in five minutes in The Netherlands. Therefore, one of the first apps you should download as an international student is Buienradar. Are you not sure whether you should get your umbrella with you or not? What kind of coat you should wear today? Is it better to take off now before the storm hits? No worries, Buienradar give you all the answers!

  • Meetup

Usually used by expats, this app provides you the chance to socialize with other locals and internationals in the city/region based on your interests. After registering, you can enroll into groups regarding your hobbies, career expectations, interest or even nationality. The diversity of the groups and people inside is quite satisfactory. This app can be the first step to build your friendships or social network in The Netherlands.

  • Groupon

In Groupon app, you can find lots of good deals from various companies. Do you want to organize an archery session with your friends but prices are so high for your budget? Or do you want to have sushi for your date and looking for a good offer? You should download Groupon and check the special discounts!

Which apps are the most useful or beneficial for you? Do you also have application suggestions for other international students? Drop a comment below and let us know about them!


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