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Which Apps Should I Download Before Moving to The Netherlands – Part II

In the second part of this blog, I am going to mention some apps that might be useful for international students regardless from where they continue their studies. Here are some of the apps that I used or have been using for a while as an international student to keep my life organised and improve myself.

  • Spendee

Being an international student often comes with a tight budget; it is a known fact. When I first arrived to The Netherlands, I wanted to explore all cities, taste all local food and beers, visit all museums and party hard! However, I didn’t have much to spent. Therefore, I made my calculations and set my expense limits per month considering all the events I wanted to attend. Yet, I still had a problem about keeping track of all these expenses. Here, Spendee came into my life as the solution. Spendee allows you to create a wallet that you can enter your expenses under specified categories and/or income manually or automatically if you link your bank account. Although some banks in The Netherlands also provide own wallet applications, personally, I find Spendee more useful since it provides more room for customisation. Regardless from the application you use, it is very beneficial to keep an eye on your financial situation in order to avoid any financial issues during the last months of your studies!

  • Habits

If you are lazy yet a bit of competitive like me, Habits is the perfect app for you! In this app, you can create a habit for yourself and check your progress day by day. For instance, if you like to hit the gym more often, you can create a habit named gym and track your progress. Customised notifications could also help you to keep on track. What I like the most about Habits is that the app provides many detailed statistics about your habit, e.g. frequency or best streaks. Therefore, you can compete against yourself and improve yourself even better.

  • 1 Second Every Day

1 Second Every Day is one of my favourite apps of all time. It allows you to create mini-clips by cutting one second from the videos you recorded during the day. I got to know of this app right before my arrival to The Netherlands. Since then I am using it quite often. I have a bunch of mini-clips from my weekend-trips to cities in The Netherlands and Europe. Therefore, in case of a trip, I would strongly recommend you to download this app and use it!

Have you been using any of these apps during your studies? Are there any other apps that you might suggest for international student? Let us know in the comments below and share your experiences!

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