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Valentines Alternatives

It’s fast approaching that time of year again – Valentines day. As the shelves fill with chocolate the air fills with love (for some).  This day isn’t for everyone, for those of us who are single or even those in long distance relationships, you may feel a little left out. But since Valentines falls on a Friday this year there’s no reason to let a perfectly good Friday night go to waste. So, here’s my list of things to do if your special someone hasn’t arrived yet.

  • Galantines day – This has become almost infamous. Rather than spending the whole day celebrating romantic love, celebrate the amazing platonic loves you have in your life. There’s lots of ways you can spend the day including, my personal favourite, going a bit old school and writing a short poem for your best pals.vid-20200213-wa00051_hd.original
  • Go get a piercing – Do something slightly impulsive and bond by getting pierced together.
  • Have a couple’s day – Okay let’s be real, at this time of the year everything is couples themed, so take advantage of all the deals and treat you and your bestie to a relaxing day.
  • Go to one of the big Valentines’ parties in Amsterdam – Living in the Netherlands and never going out in Amsterdam would be missing such a big opportunity. Take the chance to go out when there are a ton of events guaranteed to be happening. Since Valentines day takes place on a Friday this year it means you can party all night long, catch the train home in the morning and not have to wake up for classes.
  • Speed dating – Speed dating with your mates could be a laugh. Even if you’re not looking for love it could still be fun since so many of the speed dating events organised at this time are not romance themed. This might just be a great opportunity to meet some new people, make some new friends and have some more pals for next Valentines Day.

    Photo by Gurjinder Khambay

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