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Libraries of Leiden University – Part II

In the second part of this blog series, I would like to talk about Main Library of Leiden University. (If you would like to read the first part where I talked about KOG library, please click here!)

First of all, I really like the architecture of this building. Also the interior design is very interesting and modern here. This keeps me motivated from the very first moment when I enter into this library!

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As Law and Digital Technologies students, we usually come here to study as a group when we have a group assignment or an exam. Group study rooms here are well-equipped, so you can work on your paper or exam however you wish. You can prepare your assignments together, rehearse your presentations or just have a brainstorming session with each other. You can reach more information about group study rooms via this link!

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In the main library, individual study spots are designed very wide. This makes me feel quite comfortable as a student who needs a lot of space while studying. Moreover, from round tables to chairs with canal view, there are many options for you to choose. Therefore, you can easily find the best spot for yourself to focus!

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Most importantly, there is always a spot in the main library! Usually it is really hard to find a spot in libraries but in the main library, I always find a spot at any time of the day. I think this is one of the main reasons why main library is one of the most popular places in Leiden to study!

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Last but not least, since this is the main library of the university, there is a diversity among students who study here. Therefore, you can easily meet up with students from different departments during your breaks in the cafeteria while you are enjoying your meal. Especially if you are a law student like me, this is a really nice opportunity to seize in order to make new friends from different faculties, backgrounds and interests!

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To sum, I believe main library is the best study spot for group studies. Also, considering  the fact that this library is usually open until midnight, it is very useful to come here to start working on your paper, if you need to meet a tight deadline.

Do you study often in the main library? Have you ever booked a group study room here? Do you prefer to study at the main library or do you prefer to study in your faculty? Drop a comment below and let us know about your answers!

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