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Libraries of Leiden University – Part III

In the third article of this blog series, I will be talking about Wijnhaven Library, The Hague. (If you would like to read the previous articles of this blog series you can reach the first article via this link and the second one via this link!)

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Considering the study areas in the library, Wijnhaven Library is more or less the same with the Main Library in The Hague. However, Wijnhaven Library has something unique: you can see the streets while you are studying! This is the first thing you realize when you enter the library at Wijnhaven. This makes Wijnhaven Library one of my favourite places to study!

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As like the Main Library in Leiden, you can book group study rooms here at Wijnhaven Library. You can reach more information about group study rooms at Wijnhaven Library via this link. Moreover, apart from the group study rooms, there are some other study areas in the Wijnhaven building for you to study together as a group.

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Wijnhaven Library also has a diverse group of students. Therefore, there is a high chance for you to come across with students from other departments while you are having your lunch or just having a small break. Do not miss this opportunity to make new friends from the different departments, backgrounds and interests!

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If you study here at Wijnhaven Library, especially during summer time, make sure that you enjoy the good weather in the garden. This could be the wonderful ‘power break’ for you during busy days. Take your break, go to garden and refresh your mind and self with your friends or just by yourself!

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Apart from these, I like Wijnhaven building particularly because it is very downtown! It is surrounded by various cafés, restaurants and, most importantly, an Albert Heijn! Make sure that you seize this opportunity and go for a lunch break in Chinatown with your friends or have some drinks in one of the cosy bars around after your studies! Moreover, Wijnhaven building is very close to other facilities of Leiden University in The Hague, for instance gym. You can also use this opportunity and combine your routines with your studies by studying at Wijnhaven Library!

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After all, I believe Wijnhaven Library is a very good spot for studying especially for those of you who are living in The Hague. However, you need to be careful not to get distracted by all the possibilities Wijnhavan offers by being very downtown! Means that, you should stay in the library or turn back from your break within a reasonable time instead of spending 2 hours at Primark!

Do you usually come to Wijnhaven Library? What makes here special for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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