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Tips to Avoid Anxiety during the Coronavirus Pandemic

As I’m sure many of you were aware, the recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) has disrupted many places around the world. And as of Thursday, it was announced that all face-to-face teaching was suspended, and the university premises were closed. For all International Studies students, and from what I hear other bachelors too, all midterms have been suspended. From the recent updates it doesn’t look like Uni, cafes, restaurants and coffeeshops are going to be open until the first week of April. During this period anxiety and mental health is bound to be affected. These are my tips to help to control anxiety.

Take A Break from the News

I understand the desire to want to stay informed. Unlike usual I have also taken to constantly reloading my news apps. But it can be counterproductive to update your news incessantly as it just increases your anxiety. Limit the times you check the news per day or try giving yourself set times to check the news or set time limits.


Check Reputable News Sources

Speaking of news, try to obtain your news from reputable news sources. At times like this bad news sources can spread misinformation which causes more harm. Try to check the official government sites and official sources like the WHO. Following their advice and updates on the situation can help everyone manage the situation.

The Dutch Health advice page

Talk with Friends

With university closed there is only so much to do. Working on schoolwork can only be done for so long with social distancing measures being recommended it might be best to stay home, but we live in the day and age of social media so face-time them! Keeping in contact with the people around you, if you can, will help you from getting cabin fever.  There are plenty apps that can help with this like Houseparty!


Strengthen Self-Care

Now is the perfect time to practice self-care. By focusing on yourself rather than the virus it helps take your mind off what is going on. Furthermore, self-care practices like eating right, exercising and sleeping the full eight hours can make your immune system stronger and well as having aided your psychological well-being.

At the moment it feels surreal but the best we can do is follow the guidelines and to keep occupied. Don’t forget to check in on friends and elderly neighbors. If you have any other tips to cope, feel free to add them below.

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