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How to Pass the Time in Quarantine

One of my friends summarized her situation as “My life is cancelled”, and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. University buildings are closed, many of us are out of work and the streets seem emptier than usual. This week has all of us anticipating Leiden University’s next step: Will there be online classes? What happens to the exams that got cancelled? And what about everyone’s thesis?

For now, there is little we can do about the situation. But when your regular life gets cancelled, you get the opportunity to come up with a new one. Welcome to the quarantine chronicles!

First Up: How to Pass the Time in Quarantine

Spa Time

Why not take this (forced) break as an opportunity to practice come self-care? You finally have the time for that morning yoga routine, that you’ve been meaning to try. Afterwards, you can cook some healthy breakfast and treat yourself to a relaxing bath. It’s like a retreat, but at home!


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I don’t know about you, but I have a stack of books I’ve been dying to read. Now is the perfect time to do that! With a nice cup of tea and a soft blanket, you can curl up by the window (or a balcony if you have one) and soak up the first sunrays of this year!


Do you like studying from home or do you miss the library?


Yes, yes, yes – we all don’t want to hear it, but this quarantine thing could be really good for your grades. Sure, we don’t know how Uni will proceed, but we know that it will eventually.

Without as many distractions as there usually are, studying can feel way more relaxed! So how about finishing that summary or rewriting that part of your thesis you were still unhappy with?


Ok, you have probably already used quarantine to binge a series or two, but I’ll list it anyway. As students, we are undeniably skilled at watching Netflix when we should be studying. Now, imagine binging without having to feel stressed about it. Sounds surreal? Just get some of your quarantine snacks and give it a go!watches-netflix-happily-remembers-homework-exams-and-responsibilities-watches-netflix-2902538

Working out

We all miss the gym, but that’s no reason to go full couch-potato. Exercise is vital to relieving stress and keeping sane while in quarantine. Whether you want to sweat-it-out or are looking for some relaxation techniques, there are countless apps that tailor workouts to your personal goals! After all, it’s important to balance out all the Netflix and quarantine snacks.

Spring Clean

You have been putting it off for a while now: Dishes stacked in the sink, laundry basket full and your floor could do with some mopping. Hey, now is the right time to channel your inner Monica! Put on some good music or podcast (Tidying up with Marie Kondo is also a good choice!), take out your gloves and give your place the makeover you both deserve!


Catch up with your friends and family

Fortunately, physical isolation doesn’t equal social isolation (yay, technology!). You can use the newfound time to have a good phone/skype call with your loved ones. Alternatively, have you tried watching movies together while calling? There are even specific apps for that! Talking to someone can be a great remedy for loneliness and cabin fever.


What are you doing while in quarantine? Let us know in the comments!

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