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COVID-19 guide to finding information

The COVID-19 virus is all around us, 24-7. Being isolated and worried about your own health and the health of those around you, is already taking its toll. yet for international students it can be an even more frustrating, upsetting and disorting as a lot of the information from official chanels is only available in Dutch. With this article I hope to provide you with an overview of where you can find official reporting and resources to help you through these uncertain times.

Government sources

So until recently, the government did  not have an English website with official government information, however they have launched an English page today, so you can visit them through this link. Be aware though that you need to access this link directly, as there is (currently) no link to it on the Dutch site. This website keeps you up to date on policies and measures taken by the government.

The English website of national department of public health and environment (RIVM) additionally has information on the Corona virus, where you are able to find background information such as amount of infections (based on the people tested) and general developments concerning the Corona virus. Here is the website.

News updates

As for news updates about the virus in the Netherlands, the NLtimes is one of the biggest English written newssites on Dutch news, they actively report on the coronavirus on a daily basis. Additionally the Dutch Review is a magazine which offers opinion pieces in addition to news updates, all in English.

University update

The university also has a website with information on the corona virus, which you can visit for information on their resonse to the outbreak. In their Q&A the university provides information for international staff and students that include information about health care and what to do if you’re an international.


As for housing, here are the updates by DUWO. Additionally the government has a website page about renting rights. Unfortunately this site is not available in English, however it says the government there has made an agreement with 80% of the renter organisations to not allow evictions, however at this point there is no legal protection banning evictions yet.

Local response

Depending on the municipality you live in they might have information in English as well on their websites, if they have not provided the information, please don’t be hesistant to contact them.

Stay safe and stay in contact!

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