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Podcasts to Listen to During Quarantine

I know that quarantine feels like it has no end in sight and there are really only so many shows on Netflix to watch. Plus, staring at a screen all day can become tedious. So, when I run out of TV shows I always have plenty of podcasts to listen to which also give me that much needed screen break. These are the ones that I think might enjoyable for all of you. All of these are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

The Daily

If you want a way to take in the news quickly, take a listen to this podcast. The Daily is a daily news update given by The New York Times that takes about 20 minutes. The best way to get a quick look at major issues and big news stories.

The Daily

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Considering the fact that Corona is taking a toll on mental health it’s worth investing some time to combat that. Dan Harris was a meditation sceptic who, after a live panic attack, decided to give it a try. The podcast explores happiness (and other emotions) with some of the best minds – even the Dalai Lama. This podcast shows how bit by bit we can train our mind to control negative emotions. One of my favourite episodes recently was Why We’re All Grieving – and How to Deal With it.

10 percent Happier

Modern Love

Modern Love is also from The New York times. It is column of real peoples’ stories of ‘love, loss and redemption’ the podcast takes these stories and transforms them into a podcast read by famous actors including Daniel Radcliff, Kate Winslet and lots more. It’s a show that can be a nice reminder of the love that exists all around us.  It is also now a TV show on Amazon Prime.


The New Yorker Fiction

If you want to be introduced to more literature, then this is the podcast for you. Excerpts of stories or short stories published by The New Yorker are read out and discussed with the fiction editor. Unfortunately, it is only released once a month, but it’s definitely something worth waiting for.

TED Radio Hour

I understand if you are sick and tired of studying but TED Radio Hour might just renew your interest. The podcast explores a wide range of issues about our world and communities with some of the best experts out there.

Honorable Mention: Radi8 Radio

I couldn’t have a list of Podcasts without including BASIS’ own podcast. Done by our very own students with Leiden University professors it explores a wide range of topics which are relevant to anyone interested in politics. All though this one can only be found on Spotify.


Have you listened to any of these? What ones do you think I’m missing? Comment down below!




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