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Sun is out – and so are we!

You did it – you finished the academic year! Normally, this would be the time to go out with your friends, but with all the Corona restrictions this might not be possible. What to do when you can’t celebrate in the conventional way?

Here are some ideas on how to spend the sunny days:

Go to the beach:

One of the many charms of Leiden is, that it’s super close to the ocean. Whether you want to go for a swim, chill with your friends or do some surfing, the beach is the place to be. Snatch up your towel and a swimsuit, vacation mode is upon us!


The perfect place to enjoy nature while social distancing!

Explore the Netherlands by bike:

The Netherlands are quasi synonymous with “biking culture”. What better way to honour your new home country than going on a bike trip! You can pre-plan your tour or just see where the next turn takes you. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the Dutchest way possible (short of biking in kloggs while eating cheese).


Photograph by Laura Cirigliano


If you have been to Leiden, you probably noticed the canals and windmills. But did you realize that there are quite a lot of green spots scattered around the city? My favourites are the Van der Werft park and, even though it’s technically not a park, the Hortus Botanicus in the heart of Leiden. Both are great places to enjoy the sun (or hide from it under a tree) while enjoying a great view on the canals. How about a picnic with your friends (while keeping a safe distance, of course)?

Exploring the Netherlands – by boat!

Another great way to enjoy the sunny days is to spend them on the water. With rising temperatures, the canals come to life with boats of all shapes and sizes. You don’t have a boat? Don’t worry, you can easily rent them! Also, remember that you are not confined to the city. Long canals are going through all of the Netherlands; ergo, your possibilities are endless!


Photograph by Laura Cirigliano

Kayaking and Canoeing:

You want to do some water sports, but stay in the city? Then this is for you! Just like renting a boat, canoeing will allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Leiden from the water (while staying socially distanced). Additionally, you get to use your muscles and earn that after-canoeing-beer. And if you don’t want to pay for the beer, beat your friends in a canoe race – the last to cross the finish line pays the bill!


Do you have any other ideas about how to spend the summer in Leiden? Let us know!


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