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Hi everyone!

It has been a while I haven’t posted any blogs here. So, I decided to talk about one of the things kept me busy during the last couple of months in this blog.

Choosing the best university and the program requires a well-informed decision making process. I still remember the days I spent scrolling down on the web-pages of the programs and the universities to find a piece of information about the student life, career prospects, internship opportunities, expertise of the professors etc.

Although the information posted on the websites of the programs and the universities are quite interesting, I was looking for something more. I wanted to learn about what the students think about the program and the university. Therefore, I spent hours to read blog stories, watch YouTube videos and participate in webinars to learn about the experience of alumni and/or enrolled students. I must tell you that it was no easy feat. However, Leiden University provides a channel for prospective students to get in touch with the enrolled students of Leiden University!

By creating a platform in collaboration with Unibuddy, Leiden University allowed prospected students to chat with the students who are currently studying at Leiden University. Prospected students can ask their questions to the Unibuddy ambassadors of Leiden University regarding studying at Leiden University, living in Leiden or in The Hague, practical tips or other matters. You can chat with students from the programs that you consider to apply or students from your countries, educational background or expertise.

As one of the Unibuddy ambassadors of Leiden University, I am more than happy to help you with your questions 😊 You can reach me out for your questions via this link.

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