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Hello everyone!

Last year, I was an exchange student at Utrecht University. Although I was planning to stay in the Netherlands in order to obtain my master’s degree, I was not sure about the program I would like to attend and which university would be the best match for me. However, I was lucky because I was already living in the Netherlands. Therefore, I was able to attend the promotional events of the universities, such as Master’s Open Day of Leiden University.

I wanted to participate in these events not only to learn about the programs, career prospects or expertise of the professors but also to understand what to expect from the student life. I seized these opportunities to discover the cities that the universities are located in order to understand what to expect from the student life. After the events, I visited some of the must-see places of the cities and had some drinks with my friends. This helped me to understand what I can expect from being a student in these universities and cities thereof.

If you are a law student, you spend your days by shuttling back and forth between the faculty and the library. Therefore, I was very curious about the faculties, libraries and other facilities of the universities. These promotional events allowed me to see also these facilities which eventually affected my decision.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 pandemic, it is very hard, if not impossible, for prospected students to benefit from these promotional events as they were. However, you can still get yourself informed about the aspects I mentioned above online! One way to do so is to check Leiden University’s YouTube account. Here, you can find 360° virtual tours!

For instance, you can find 360° virtual tour of the Leiden city via this link. If you are curious about The Hague, then, you can watch this video. If you would like to see the Law Faculty, then you might be interested to check this video.

I hope you enjoy the videos and they will help you to understand what to expect from being a student at Leiden University!

Which video do you find the most useful? Do you have any recommendations for the 360° virtual tours? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Tot ziens!

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