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Checklist for International Students

Moving to another country is quite stressful even though you have done it several times before. Your mind keeps questioning whether there is anything missed out to avoid a bad surprise in the airport, passport control or even in the country you are going to live. I experienced the same struggle before I came to the Netherlands two years ago. Bearing in mind that it was my first ever trip abroad, I was extremely stressed! Therefore, in this blog, I want to share with you an UNOFFICIAL checklist for your departure and mention some of the things you need to do upon your arrival to the Netherlands.

  • Things You Need for Your Departure
    • Valid passport and entry visa

These documents are extremely important! Keep your passport with you. For those of you who hold two or more passports, make sure that you have the correct and valid passport with you.

    • Cell phone and laptop

Do not forget their chargers!

    • Documents you may need for passport control or registration

These can be admission letter, scholarship letter, medical insurance, birth certificate, copy of your diplomas, bank statement, rental contract or even marriage certificate if your spouse is also joining you.

    • Number of your contact person and/or the address of your final destination

Although we live in the digital age, in case somehow your phone or laptop doesn’t connect the Internet or they simply run out of battery without you being able to charge them, you may need these information to be written somewhere to find your way upon your arrival.

    • Medicine

Always check the regulations before!

    • Cash and/or a credit/bank card open to international transactions
  • Some of the Things You Need to Do Upon Your Arrival
    • Register at the town hall/municipality
    • Open a Dutch bank account
    • Get an international/Dutch SIM card
    • Let the international office know about your arrival
    • Register with your own embassy
    • Register with IND for the temporary residence permit

I hope this checklist will be rather useful for international students. Please note that this checklist IS NOT OFFICIAL and solely based on my own experience. The rules and regulations might be subjected to change due to ongoing circumstances. Therefore, you should always check the validity of the things mentioned in this post by yourself.

Do you also have any routine or checklist before leaving for study abroad? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below!



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