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Finally! – Moco Museum, visited.

The Netherlands have hundreds of museums, which you can find 13 of them in Leiden all in walking distance of one another, exhibit millions of historical and artistry pieces. While waiting for your graduation during the summer months, visiting some of these museums could be a fun activity for you. (Plus, you can benefit their air-conditioning during the heatwaves!)

I do admire and love Banksy`s art. Before I came to the Netherlands, I prepared a to-do list for me and visiting the Moco Museum to see the Laugh Now exhibition featuring the artwork of Banksy was on top of my list. However, I couldn`t find the opportunity to do so – until last week. In this blog, I would like to tell you about my day trip to Amsterdam in order to see the Laugh Now exhibition at Moco Museum.

Moco Museum is a privately-owned museum. Meaning that, Museumkaarts are not valid for Moco Museum. Therefore, you need to get your tickets from the Moco Museum. Although you can buy your tickets at door, I preferred to purchase my tickets online via the official website of the museum. The tickets for students are 10.5€ as of today but you can get your tickets for 8.50€ if you book as a group of 16 or more student. (So, it can be a good option for a class-trip!)

It takes around 50 minutes from Leiden Centraal to reach Amsterdam Museumplein, where the Moco Museum is located. Bear in mind that, currently, the Moco Museum is following the RIVM guidelines, therefore, it will be wiser to arrive earlier than your reservation. Once you enter the museum, you can get ready to experience your own Stendhal Syndrome. Quite many of the famous artwork of Banksy are in the exhibition of Laugh Now. One of them is, of course, the famous “Girl and Baloon”.

Girl and Baloon

My favorite piece from the exhibition, however, is the “Picasso Quote”:

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

However, the Moco Museum collection does not only consist of Banksy`s artwork. Artwork of artists like Kusawa or Warhol are also exhibited in other collections. One of the main attraction of the museum nowadays comes front as the Reflecting Forward exhibition, as it gives perfect opportunity for your new Instagram post based on my Instagram feed…


Moco Museum is situated on Museumplein, close to the other famous museums, such as Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The location of the Moco Museum, therefore, allows you to visit one of the other museums nearby in the same day. However, you can also choose to enjoy your free time by just chilling at the Museumplein with your friends.

Have you visited any of the museum in the Netherlands? Which museums or exhibitions are on your bucket list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below about your experiences!

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