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Farewell, The Leidener!

Hello and welcome to my last ever blog post on The Leidener, everybody!

Today marks the very last day of my The Leidener journey which started in December 2019. Before I applied to the Leiden University back in early 2019, I was familiar with this blog and it helped me along the way to have some insights on student life both in Leiden and in The Hague. Since then, being a content writer for this blog was always on my mind and luckily I have been able to share my story with you throughout this extraordinary year.

Although this blog is a window into the student life of Leiden University students, it provides its bloggers with the opportunity to document their year. It has been the same case for me, to be honest. Not only I wanted to share insights about student life at Leiden University and share some tips and tricks about living in the Netherlands, but I also wanted to document my memories for this extraordinary year. If it wasn’t for The Leidener, I wouldn’t be able to find the will and energy to do so, I must admit! Therefore, I am very happy to be able to remember what I have been going through in a particular period of the year and recall all those memories by just reading one of my blogs whenever they pop-up on my screen.

However, I had the utmost pleasure whenever someone commented here, on Unibuddy or whenever they see me at the library, cafeteria or lunch area that they have been reading my posts and they enjoy reading them. I felt so happy and proud especially when Leiden University has shared my stories on the official website, Instagram page, or newsletter several times. the journey even led me to be on a podcast episode of Nuffic and a guest on national TV for one of the most famous TV-programs in the Netherlands! The more my stories reached a bigger audience, the more I felt the courage to share them here. So, many thanks to everyone who directly or indirectly encouraged me to be a part of this wonderful team!

That being said, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to become a blogger of this beautiful blog to share your stories with other students from all over the world. If you want to become a Leidener and blog with these wonderful people, feel free to contact them!

I hope you enjoyed my blogs, and maybe we will meet with some of you as being the new The Leidener bloggers in the future!


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