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Join The Leiden MUN Academy!

Hey everyone! Have you been looking for some fun extracurriculars, but Covid sabotaged most of them? Don’t worry, the Leiden MUN Academy got your back!

Photograph provided by Leiden MUN

Ok, first things first: What’s MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is, as the name suggests, a simulation of an actual United Nations debate. Each student gets to represent a UN member country and then fight for their interests in moderated debates. It’s full of lobbying, rallying speeches, alliances and betrayal.

Usually, students join a MUN programme (such as Leiden MUN) and undergo extensive training. Leiden MUN offers multi-week prep-tracks during which you will learn everything about public speaking, resolution writing and lobbying. You will also get your own personal development coach, a former MUN participant and expert, who will be your mentor (and cheerleader) during your time in the programme. Usually, the prep-track concludes with an actual conference, with participants coming from all over the world. I myself went to a three-day conference at the University of Oxford last year, and it was absolutely amazing! But, wait, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

Photograph by Leiden MUN

As much as we all want to travel again, this is probably not the right time for MUN then, right? That’s where the Leiden MUN Academy comes in!

Join the Academy!

When the pandemic hit, Leiden MUN got creative and came up with an innovative new concept: The MUN Academy. As a pupil, you will undergo a six-week prep-track and learn everything about policy research, negotiation tactics, lobbying, public speaking and resolution writing. Within the academy, you will join multiple committee debates within the MUN framework. This is perfect to put your new knowledge to use and get some hands-on experience! Every Tuesday and Thursday, you will join the Leiden MUN Academy at The Hague Tech, an innovative assembly of businesses and young professionals and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet high-profile guest lecturers.

Sounds interesting? Then follow this link to the Leiden MUN website to learn more:

Or are you already sure that you want to join? Then you can apply here:

Applications are open until the 5th of October, don’t miss out!


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