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When moving away from home, there are a lot of new things to face. One of those new things being a new routine, I mean even in the COVID era our routines have been subject to change. For me, one of the prominent changes in routine was my exercise regimen. I am someone who thoroughly enjoys (okay maybe just enjoys) exercising and getting my body moving. This year I decided to try out a new gym: TRAINMORE. So here is my review thus far.


TRAINMORE was immediately appealing to me because of its proximity and size. It is located right in the centre at Daily Groenmarkt 19, 2513 AL. The gym consists of three floors: a predominantly cardio floor, a weights floor and then the top floor which has various rooms where you can take classes or workout by yourself. The size of the gym was important because there is always space available for you to do what you want, rather than having to wait your turn or change your work out because the desired equipment isn’t available. Epically, in the times of COVID when it is necessary to book, a large gym is a must-have.

Photograph by Jordan Dittmar

TRAINMORE generally works on a structure where there is a monthly fee, but for every workout you do a euro gets taken off of the price. For students, however, there is a flat monthly fee of 25 euros per month for a year. But, luckily for us Leiden students, there is a deal between Leiden and TRAINMORE where we can pay a flat monthly fee of 18 euros a month without having to pay a registration fee. Thus, TRAINMORE was again very appealing for its affordability compared to some other gyms in my area.


The gym also offers several classes, including HIIT workouts, boxing, yoga and cycling. However, these classes do come at an additional cost of 7,50 euros per month for students (which is half price compared to normal rates). TRAINMORE also provides other add-ons such as coffee after your workout, healthy drinks, a tanning bed and personal trainers which all come at different add-on costs, some of them more expensive than others.

Photograph by Jordan Dittmar

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my experience at TRAINMORE (more so than at my previous gym). The size, proximity, pricing and add-ons have all been exceptional benefits to me. I have actually never been to gym so regularly as I have been since joining TRAINMORE – but that was admittedly starting from a low base.

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