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Apps for Quarantine

With lock-down measures getting tougher again and it doesn’t look like it’s getting easier anytime soon, weeks lie ahead where you probably won’t see your friends. But we still have social media! As a friend said the other day “I am so glad to be living in the age of social media – imagine if we had to send letters”. If we can’t have outside lives, we can at least have digital lives. Here are all the apps I’m using to still be in contact with my friends and to entertain myself!


Netflix Party

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a free Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with your friends at the same time. You pause when they pause and there’s the ability to chat to your friends while you watch it. It’s not the same as watching a movie physically together but it’s as close as you can get!



This app allows for multiple people (up to 8) to connect online. The app lets you know when your friends are “in the house”, you can send a wave and call them immediately. The app also allows you to play trivia games with your friends.



This app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android. The app lets you sync videos from YouTube, Reddit, Google Drive and others whilst also being able to text and call. There is also the function for RaveDJ which allows you to create playlists for karaoke.



This app is a game that is available on Apple and Android. The game asks users to join and it creates a question about the players. Each player gets a chance to answer and all the other players vote on the funniest, earning you points. It’s a great laugh and when isolation is over it’d be great as a drinking game!



If you love game nights with your friends this is the one for you! The app has loads of different games, from Uno! To Connect4 the app has over 30 games. There is a chat function on the app too so as you play you can chat!


There are lots of other apps out there that are great right now, and lots that are offering free trial periods during the quarantine (like Headspace). Other apps like YouTube are also full of great content right now – like home workout videos. If you have any more to add please comment down below!

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