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Doing an Internship in a Pandemic – Part 2

In my last article I noted down points that I found helped when I was working in a pandemic. Many of these things revolved around having a set working palce and seperation between home and work.

I found that aside from needing to pin point a starting and ending time for work I also needed to allocate myself breaks. This meant I needed to take a proper lunch break – away from my computer. It meant making time for a good lunch. Often I liked to have left overs from dinner or to meal prep my lunch a couple of days beforehand. This saved preperation time and allowed me to just heat up my lunch and make the most of a lunch break. I’d try to make it as nutritious as possible but anything that I liked and filled me up really worked.

A healthy snack – photo taken by my flatmate Vanessa

Aside from a lunch break I’s also advocate for taking short breaks throughout the day. If I was in an office, I’d have a break when I went to grab coffee or when I interact with collegues but at home the same isn’t true. Schedule in some breaks away from your computer over the day to feel refreshed. These breaks don’t only help your motivation but also your health too. Spending the whole day at a computer can be damaging for your posture and your eyesight.

Having the equipment to help you become as comfortable working from home was also incredibly important.  Hunching over a desk all day does nothing for posture and could also give you headaches. Some workplaces have the facilities to invest in things like a laptop stand and keyboard for working from home and if they do take advantage of it! If they don’t, a good laptop stand can be around €10 from and they are great for when you study too.

These are the last of my tips! If you have any more let me know in the comments!

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